Cultura Doméstica 2015_2021

A work with an ancient flavor but highly topical, characterized by an ironic aesthetic that denounces, through the story of the everyday life of the two artists, the difficulty of working in art and culture in a society that invests little in culture and forces women to divide themselves between work and private life, with many difficulties. Domestic culture is made up of a video, wall engravings and a performance that, through the story of the collaboration between María Ángeles Vila and Alicia Herrero, refer to broader reflections, linked to society, culture, family relationships and the confrontation between artists Domestic culture starting from the sufferings and the complications of the life of two women, artists, citizens, underlines the determination of an artist for his art.

Text by Alberta Campitelli, Beatrice Bertini, Alessandra Sannella, Adriana Rispoli, Daniela Trincia, Sabrina Vedovotto.

Curated by Antonia Arconti

Supported by

Motta Hypogeum - European Capital of Culture, Embajada de España, Matera, Italia (2019)

Instituto Cervantes, Sofia, Bulgaria (2015)

Bilotti Museum, Roma, Italia (2015)

Exhibited at

Women in work, Universidad Politécnica València, España (2017)

Festival del Tempo, Sermoneta, Regione de Lazio, Italia (2020)

Video art co-produced by

Ayuntamiento Enguera, España (2021)

Participation in

Award winning project Demasiado mujer by The Serious Agency: 

“Arte y Cultura” Award // Women Equality Awards // Ayuntamiento de València, España (2021)


AlbumArte Virtual Exhibition | FROM HOME - Living Time



Video art 

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